PodCamp Does Not Have to be Free

PodCamp SignA quick sharing of information as I have a million things to do post PodCamp, but had to share this bit of information. During the closing of PodCamp Boston 2 it was announced that Rule #4 of PodCamp is now gone. That was the rule that said "must be free."

A certain level of commitment needs to be put in place. When you book venues, food and people book flights from around the globe to attend something it is important that everyone is commited. When seven speakers just don't show up for an event it's obvious that there is not the level of commitment that needs to be there.

This isn't about making money. It's about making sure that people who register will in fact be there. I'm sure Chris and Chris will be talking more about this, but I wanted to help get the news out there.

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