Sometime It Snows in April

The first flakes of snow are falling outside the window. Of course it has me humming one of my favorite Prince songs. Anyone who says there is nothing wrong with the environment is obviously not paying to the changes in weather around the world. We've got a huge project going on that I'm the lead on and thus my time is rather squished at the moment. Add to that the news about my grandmother and every day life and it is making for an interesting few days.

I'm still excited by the energy and success of PodCamp NYC. I can tell I'm busy because I haven't even had a chance to follow up on any of the business cards I got from people there. I did record an Accident Hash as well as a Managing the Gray focusing on the event. I also starting writing a new section/chapter in my book about the concept as well.

Tonight I'm heading to a Social Media Club event. I'm excited because it's not downtown which makes it MUCH easier for me to get there.  I've tried going to a couple of these and finally tonight I can. That is if this weather doesn't go insane on us.

Oh, and before I forget I'm trying to figure out who I know in Chicago. I'm going to be out there next month for one night and it would be great to have dinner with some folks. Will be the first time I've ever been there.

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