Swinging Emotions

When I heard my mom say, "oh my god" on the phone I instantly wondered, "now what?" Having two deaths in the family in one week is not common place and certainly not something I want to deal with. But, the two are not on the same level either to me. Today is the wake and tomorrow is the funeral for my grandfather. I spent some time yesterday looking through all the photographs that have been gathered and spread around my parents dining room table. It's always amazing to see your grandparents when they were young as it's not a memory you ever have. Especially the OLD black and white photographs of yesteryear.

Tree on the GreenAs a photo junkie it also reminds me why I love taking pictures of people all the time. I took pictures of my sisters the other day and both of them bugged me about doing it. The truth is I want to make sure there ARE pictures of everyone I love. Life is such a fleeting little thing and you just never know so I'll keep taking photos.

Also, dealt with the reality of moving on by helping my dad move some old organs out of my other grandparents house. Throwing those away was a very strange moment as I've got TONS of memories of playing and singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" and other songs on that organ. But, the physical object had to go and the memories will live on. That's the power of our brain.

The house is quiet. Laura is sleeping and Roxie just did her morning routine. I've got a cup of coffee, the laptop and windows to look out into the woods. Gives me plenty of time to reflect, to think and to look forward.

This week has been a mix of emotions and today and tomorrow they will swing in one direction and then I'll be glad to swing them back in the other.

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