Two Things I'm Proud Of

No, this isn't another game of Blog Tag (although it could be), but right at this moment there are two things that I'm quietly, but directly involved in and both of them I am damn proud of!!!

  1. Do You Know Clarence? Very proud to say that this was my idea over some grade A quality conversation with the man himself. The magical moment deserves thanks in the direction of Eric Rice for hooking the two of us up in the first place. Be sure to subscribe. This is going to get interesting.
  2. Bum Rush The ChartsBum Rush the Charts March 22nd you all have an assignment. An assignment to buy a specific track from iTunes both for a good cause AND to show the power and community of new media. Full details soon. You can be damn sure you'll be hearing more about it from me on every channel I've got! I'm not going to allow people to write this one off and to forget about it. The inspiration is way to important to do that!

Off to Nashville

Julien Smith