Julien Smith

I just read an amazing interview with my good buddy Julien Smith called "Are you In Over Your Head?" I AM Julien Smith. Got a Problem With That?Julien and I have come up in the Podcast ranks together over the years. We started off in a weird bumpy patch and have grown to good friends over the months that have passed. I don't see him nearly enough but we talk plenty about everything under the sun.

His podcast In Over Your Head has always been a must listen to for me. To call it a "hip hop podcast" is not to give it nearly enough credit. I've always said I listen more for the knowledge and insights that Julien says then the tunes. But, even those have grown on me as an appreciate for the "podcasting prince of the north" as I once heard him called.

Reminds me how appreciative I am of the circle of friends I've made in the short span of two years of podcasting. That is what makes this new media roller coaster so much fun.

Two Things I'm Proud Of

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