Whacky Life

One minute I'm in Philly. Then I'm at a Diner. Suddenly I'm in Second Life judging Transformers. Then a Soccer Practice. Pots of coffee and subs from Purchase Street Market are in the mix. I watched a movie called "Old Boy" that I still haven't recovered from in there too. Yes, it is a fun life I lead and you won't hear me complaining. Best news of the week is that I've got two new writing assignments. Yes, these are outside of the book, but they are still cool and I love having a reason to write. This blog has always been about free form thought and a public journal. So formal writing is something I like to do as well and now I've got some new platforms to do it on which is nice.

I actually had a chance to give a speech in NYC today which would have been more great exposure, but it didn't feel right for on my last day of the job to go to a speaking engagement. I'm fiercely loyal like that. Part of my work ethic I guess.

I talked weeks ago about starting a new chapter when I moved and I have certainly done that. Tomorrow starts perhaps a whole new book for me and my life. The mix of excitement and pure driven passion is amazing. The kids even asked what was up today. It might be dangerous to be listening to such rocking music this morning. Just fuels the fires of fun!

Slackershots - September 14, 2007

Rocking Out