Rocking Out

Ever since I announced that I had resigned from crayon , life has been insane. E-mails are non stop. Lots of "C.C. we need to talk to you" calls and meetings. It is an interesting time for sure with lots of decisions to make. I've already turned down a couple of jobs because they were full time and not great fits for what I want to do. But, still very good jobs. I've tried to funnel those to people who I do think would be good fits. After all I love to play "the connector" and that is what it is all about. CC Gets His Guitar OnOn yesterday's Managing the Gray I put out some thoughts around the decision. More about what I was thinking about then anything else. Tried to turn it into lessons or things you could use if you were trying to make a decision like this. I was encouraged to do this by a few people and I hope it made for good content. It felt good to get it out there.

PodCamp Philly and Tech Cocktail Boston were both right after that. Two cool events with TONS of new people that I got to meet in both cases. If you haven't seen it yet there is a great video that shows the battle of the cheesesteaks from Philly. They were good, but man was I FULL after doing that! I still haven't had time to upload all of my photos to Flickr yet, but I've put a bunch there already.

The calendar seems to be filling up more and more and I have got to make sure to keep my head on straight. I've got some transitional stuff to still do. Kind of funny that this is going to be the first time in ten years that I don't think I'm going to be connected to an Exchange server. Weird feeling since I know how that works no problem. No biggie, but a logistical shift more then anything.

Oh, and on top of all this I've actually got some writing done on the book. Not much, but on the ride down to Philly I wrote several pages and it felt good to get in the groove. Next week I'm dedicating some time to getting more done on that. It is a goal more then it ever has been since I've got the time to actually do it now. LONG overdue indeed.

To everyone who is sending me notes making sure I'm ok, the answer is hell yes I'm ok! I haven't felt this positive about the future in a long time. When you make a big decision YOU control your destiny rather then anyone else and that is a great feeling. Our family motto has always been around "the road less traveled" so how can I not be doing well? *grin*

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