Strategic Geeking Out

Last night I did something that I've been wanting to do for a long time. I upgraded some equipment, installed some software and am feeling much better about the whole thing. New DriveI added a 1 TB drive (on the bottom) and also updraded my HUB to be a USB 2.0 version which already is making a world of difference for even little things like synching up my iPod. The drive on top is a 500 MB one. I'm a little shocked to think that I can now have 1.5 TB worth of disk space sitting in the corner of my desk. That's insane. But, I finally also installed some backup software so now important things backup every week so that makes me feel more secure.

It also gave me a chance to do some spring cleaning on the computer. It's amazing how much can pile up. Especially from RSS subscriptions and such. I found podcast files from two years ago. It was rather funny what you discover.

I thought I was going to be filming today but found out that is not happening until tonight so suddenly I have a bunch of free time. Can't complain about that. Going to get out in the yard since it's nice and do some clean up. Good old New England tradition when the snow finally goes away. I'm also hoping that I an get some done on my presentation for next weekend a few little work things here and there that seem to be floating about.

I had fun last night showing Ariel Waldman around Second Life for the first time. If you skip orientation island when you first sign up it's a guarantee for being instantly lost. That much is for sure. I showed her the basics, bought her a dress since I know she doesn't wear jeans in real life and chatted a bit. It was fun to be able to chat rather then time delayed Twitters.

I've already done dishes and a load of wash all before 9 am. I've got to slow down. Being this productive is dangerous. *laugh*

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