A Break from the Heat

Wow did it feel good to wake up this morning and not be drenched in the humidity that we've been dealing with for the past few days. The heat wave has just been sucking my energy right out of me and I hope it doesn't come back any time soon. Had a business trip to Nashville on Monday. One of those commuting type days where I fly down early in the morning, have a day full of productive meetings on site and then fly home late that night. This time around it got a little longer as I got stuck in Charlotte due to bad weather. Had never been there before and with the five minute shuttle from the airport to the hotel I didn't see any of it. Glad to be back.

Lots of great stuff going on and plenty of work being done or else I'd write more.

Really looking forward to this weekend when Dylan has his last soccer game of the season and Emily has another play. Then we jet up to NH for my nephew's high school graduation party. Going to be a hectic weekend, but one spent seeing a lot of family so I'm psyched about that.

Whirlwind Weekend

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