A Great Weekend

What a nice long weekend. Full of quality family time. Any weekend that is spent almost entirely unplugged and outdoors is a good one in my book. Yesterday we didn't get to do everything we wanted to, but we sure did jam pack the day. A trip out to buy a new bed, lunch at Harry's, bike riding at the park and a trip to the local town carnival made for a long day. We had plans to do a family art project (Emily's idea) but the one we bought would take too long so we are going to do it next weekend. Don't want to rush things like that.

The kids are really growing up. Amazing how that happens isn't it? *grin* But, they each are truly getting their own personality traits, downfalls and things that are uniquely them. It is fun to watch. Fun to be part of. Hell, that is what makes parenting so damn cool in my book.

This week we have something going on every night of the week. I hate weeks like this because it means that as soon as the work day and school is done there is so much else to do besides spend time together. But, we always get through them and it makes us appreciate the weekend even better.

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