Boston -> Montreal

Writing this at 3:30 am over a bowl of stale Frosted Flakes isn't the best way to write a blog post. Of course, I didn't know they were stale until I took my first spoonful and at that point I'm not going to throw them away because that is just a waste. Thinking about it though, the day can only get better from this point on. PodCamp Montreal ButtonI'm jumping a plane and heading to PodCamp Montreal. While I know this conference is going to be top notch, informative and fun I'm most excited by the people that will be there. Some of my closest friends live in Montreal and it'll be the quiet times away from the masses that I'm looking forward to more then others.

Of course between work, family and life in general I'm sure there won't be as many of those as all of us would like. Nature of the beast and all.

Can't wait to see so many of you this weekend and to meet a lot of great new people. PLEASE come up and say hello no matter what. I always hate hearing "I wanted to, but you looked busy." I'm never too busy.

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