Mitch Joel Energy

I'm sitting at Mitch Joel's desk and I feel it would be a waste of the energy in the room if I didn't blog about it. Twist ImageI arrived at Twist Image this morning after flying up to beautiful Montreal. They've just moved into some new space so they are still getting set up. We had quite a laugh trying to locate a cup for me to get a cup of coffee with.

It was great to just sit down and catch up with Mitch on what is happening at home and work. To talk about the changing landscape out there and how we see different people and companies approaching it. Not, that I had any question about it, but Mitch and I think a lot alike. We don't look alike, but we think alike. Must be why we get along so well.

I've been working away while he is in some meetings now and then we are going to be grabbing lunch with David Usher who I'm excited to meet. Then more work and who knows what else before all the fun kicks off tonight.

I'm having a blast being the crazy American here wearing shorts. If there isn't snow on the ground and the temperature is above freezing I'm usually in shorts. It was a beautiful, crisp walk over here from the condo I'm staying in while in town. Which by the way has a killer pool table in it. Rob from Fixion Media hooked me up with the space and I greatly appreciate it!

Getting jazzed hearing from people who will be arriving later tonight.

MTG #60 - PodCamp Montreal Reflections

Boston -> Montreal