Canon 50D Lust

Canon EOS 50DI've been thinking about upgrading my camera for a while, but as I thought about it more and began to search online there seemed to be reason to wait since everyone was hinting at Canon upgrading their line soon.Tuesday before I headed to Maine to shoot pictures for four days, I read about the new Canon EOS 50D which is now the object of my desire. Sure, the new Nikon D90 is pretty hot too (damn thing shoots video!), but I'm a Canon guy so while I want to try one our for sure, my heart is set on the 50D.

The upgrade is mainly because I want more control over settings now that I know what I'm doing. Biggest thing I get is the ability to boost the ISO which is something I crave when I shoot bands performing in dark clubs.

Looking forward to the reviews when they come out. Won't be for several more weeks I'm sure, but I'm eager to see if it lives up to the expectations or not. Until then I'll just have to live with the  preview on my favorite review site DPReview.

John Wall and C.C. Chapman

Photo Workshop