Photo Workshop

Back home after four days learning all sort of new things about my camera and shooting in a studio. Seen here are two of the group shots taken on the last day to remember the workshop by. I'm looking forward to seeing the third one! 2008 TFTTF Portland Maine Group Shot 2

2008 TFTTF Portland Maine Group Photo

I'll be honest that before this workshop I never put my camera into total manual mode, but after getting use to how to set everything and what controls what I'm not scared to do it anymore. Of course, I don't expect to do it much outside of the studio, but understanding it sure is going to help me take better photos.

If you are into photography at all and want to learn more then I recommend subscribing to Tips From The Top Floor because you'll start learning as soon as you start listening. Chris is a great teacher and I'm psyched to call him a friend as well.

It was a fun filled four days, but I'm glad to be home.

Canon 50D Lust

Portland Photography Workshop - Day 1 & 2