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The world of iPhone applications is only a few months old. Me being an iPhone user is only a few weeks old. TweetieBecause of this, I install a lot of applications. Most are free or cost a couple of dollars, so just like I'm willing to try an unknown song for 99 cents, I'll give a new application a try.

I've been using TwitterFon as my application of choice on the iPhone. It was simple, worked and I liked it. But, it seemed to hang randomly and was always hitting the API limit even if I hadn't used it once that day. Never quite got how that was possible.

But, then yesterday I saw someone tweet about Tweetie and while I'm blanking who it was now, I remember it being someone who I trusted their opinions so I checked it out. Of course as soon as I twittered a few minutes ago that I was switching I got a slew of questions of "why is it better?"

Here is why I like Tweetie better so far. (screen shots here)

  1. The interface mimics that of how the iPhone handles SMS in general. I like that.
  2. It is intuitive. I'm a big guy on good user interaction, so everything worked as I expected to on the first try. Nothing left me wondering, "now how do I do ____"
  3. They have built in one click search for myself. So when I want to quickly look beyond just @ replies it is one click away.
  4. Live updated Trends of what people are talking about on Twitter and I can deep dive right into those conversations.

The one thing missing that I'm going to publicly hope for is my two favorite features of Tweetdeck. That being able to set up my own search and keep it running. I use this for hash tags around events and such. Also, I'd love to be able to set up groups. One big difference is that I paid for Tweetie and Twitterfone is free. Both work great and I'd reccomend them to anyone, but my money and my use is now going to be with Tweetie until I find something I like better.

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