Nikon Being Smart AGAIN

I was very vocal last year about how much I liked the campaigns that Nikon was doing in and out of the social media space around their cameras. Sure, some people bitched and complained, but I thought they were genius programs. With the release of the new Nikon D90, they are at it again being smart and other brands should take notice.

What did they do this time? They gave professional photographer Chase Jarvis and his team a few to play with and asked them to put the camera to work and see what it could do. Rather then just posting some photos and just blogging about it he also made this great video.


Now, some brands would insist that this video only live on their corporate site in the hopes that people would come to see the video, but that is the wrong approach to take. They let Chase post it to YouTube and now people are finding it, embedding it and talking about the product. That is smart!

That is the way the web works. Put the content where people are discovering things rather then insisting they come to you to find them. The later way does not work.

I'm eager to see what Nikon does next. My hope is that they will do something socially to showcase the video capabilities of the camera. While I'm not sure there needs to be video ever on an SLR, I am fascinated and excited by the possibilities of what you could shot with the variety of lens options.

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