Where I Will Be This Month

Ok, after the 7th person today asked me, "Are you going to PodCamp Philly?" I figured it as good of a time as any to say that no I won't be heading down to the home of yummy cheese steaks this year. September 3, 2008 SlackershotBetween running my own company and being a family man I have to be very selective in which conferences I can and can't go to sometimes. Heck, I even turned down a great trip to Helsinki to attend something I would have really been into, but it would have meant being away for almost a week and right now that just isn't doable.

But, I am going to be a couple of places this month. I'll be speaking next week at the New Marketing Bootcamp and then in a couple of weeks at PodCamp Montreal. Both should be great times and based on the variety of speakers at both events I'd recommend attending either if you can.

Then throw into the mix that my sisters have moved back to New England and I have yet to see them and my good friend Julien Smith is in the area and it makes even more time go away. Then if I pause and realize that it is already September I really start freaking out. Where is the year going to? We'll be shoveling snow in no time. Ouch!

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