Global Economy & Small Business - What My Mind Woke Up Filled With

I woke up this morning with my mind in overdrive. Scattered thoughts trying to become some sort of cohesive ball of direction. The world is a big place, but every day through the power of the web and connection tools it gets a bit smaller.

I have Friends in countries I've never visited before. If business takes me to any major city in the US I can find someone to have dinner with or at least get a recommendation on where to eat.

I've also been thinking about how I would like to see The Advance Guard take on some more smaller brands as well as at least one global campaign in the future. I'd really like to show just how powerful a well planned and executed marketing program can be for a smaller brand. I'd also love to take an over arching campaign and then execute it on a global scale or multi-country scale to see how different parts of the world react.

Many small businesses forget that they can leverage the same tools as the big guys. I won't go so far as to call social media Hamburger Helper, but it does allow anyone to take what they are already doing with marketing and PR and spread it even further. The problem as always is time and money. That doesn't change no matter what size company you are. But, smaller businesses have less red tape and are more open to thinking outside of the box most times.

It is sort of fun to ponder the global economy and the small business owner at the same time. Granted, this early in the morning, with barely a cup of coffee in me it stretches the mind in all sorts of weird ways.

I told you it was all over the place and yet in some way all works and plays nice together. I'm sure I'll be noodling over it all day. Writing it down actually helps me focus.

What did you wake up thinking about today?

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