Lots of New Content

My brain is still chewing on what I raised yesterday, but it is also chewing on a bunch of other things as well. I sharpened the old spear this morning and went out hunting. We'll see how it goes. While I'm doing that I wanted to share some recent content.

  • I published Episode 74 of Managing the Gray this morning focusing on how you, your clients and brands in general can break through all the talking and babbling going on in our space right now.
  • I was interviewed at SXSW by the BlogTalkRadio team and listening back to it, I forgot how we went down a rabbit hole talking about filmmakers and social media. I always love talking with John because we never talk about the usual stuff.
  • I lead a discussion at Social Media Jungle Boston about "The Human Side of Social Media" and the video is now up of that conversation.
  • Media Hacks #5 went up and it was one of our best ones yet because the topic was an interesting one. We are recording another one today and it'll be fun to see where that takes us.

I also got a cool BzzGuide about Diet Mountain Dew from BzzAgent yesterday. It is something I already drink so I was more then happy to take part in the campaign. Diet sodas have come a long way from tasting horrible. Granted, a lot of them still do, but this is one I can actually stand. My usual soda fix when I need one is either Cherry Coke Zero or Diet Dew. Most places will have one of them on hand. What is interesting about this campaign is that they are also using something called ChatThreads that I hadn't heard of before. Will have to research them some more. Anyone out there ever use them before?

It has been a busy morning, but busy is a good thing.

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