The Power of Positivity

For centuries people have believed in the power of positive thought. While I also believe in fate throwing the dice around and chance having just as much input in each of our lives, I do believe in the power of positivity. Earlier today I posted a simple Facebook Status update that read "Send some positive waves this way would you? Thanks." It hasn't been a great couple of days and it seems I'm hearing about a lot of random bits of roughness in people's lives and that effects me so that is why I posted that.

Mr. Happy

What I wasn't expecting was the sudden and ongoing outpouring of heart felt, kind and smart ass comments that my friends have left me on that status update. They were exactly what I needed to crack a smile and push on through the day.

When you see someone that seems down or might benefit from a nudge of positive encouragement be sure you take the time to do so. We've all got a million distractions for every minute of the day, but don't underestimate what a simple reply to a friend might do for them. I talk a lot about passion being contagious, but I think I need to add positivity to it as well.

You all truly made my day. Thank you for the positive vibes.

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