Why Have an iPhone App?

Last night the C.C. Chapman All Access iPhone application went live. It pulls together most of the content I produce on the web including my photos, tweets and multiple podcasts. I wanted this so that it would be easy to find and consume my latest creations from a single location. But, honestly I was also thinking big picture and way beyond this.

While I didn't know that the Apple iPad was exactly what was coming, we all knew that some form of larger iPhone like tablet would be coming. This is why I hired a developer to make me an application. When that device came out I wanted to make sure that I had an easy one click way for anyone to get at all my content.

I think the iPad is going to usher in a whole new wave of people consuming online content. Let's face it. While you and I understand RSS readers and their power, most people still surf the web by going through their bookmarks and surfing from one site to another.

Devices like the iPad and applications on it are the next generation of this. Instead of going through bookmarks you are going to be clicking through applications and I wanted to make sure my content was there as well. I believe there is going to be a rush of people wanting to be there and while you should make sure your web content is optimized for that sort of browsing, I wanted to go a step further and make it even easier.

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Don't Just Jump Into The Sled

Don't Just Jump Into The Sled