Win $10,000 From .tv

I'm excited to be a member of a new advocate program from Verisign around the .tv domain. This is a business relationship, but even if it wasn't I'd still be excited to tell you about the contest they've just launched.

All you need for a chance to win is create a 30-60 second commercial telling people why a .tv domain is a great idea.

First prize is $10,000 cash and second and third prize are some pretty nice cameras as shown below. I of course can't win, but I hope some eager filmmaker does win so that they can take the prize and make even more great videos.

You can find out more at @WatchDotTV or on Facebook.

The official announcement is on their blog and of course here is a silly video that my friend (and fellow .tv Advocate) Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff made to raise awareness about the contest. I'm really hoping we get some highly creative and fun videos to judge!