Curse of the Creative

No matter how you define a curse, it usually is seen as a bad thing.

I on the other hand, use the word a bit differently from time to time to reference something that I may have to live with as part of being me. We've always joked that there is a Chapman Curse that effects the men in our family with having a smile that women love.

See, all curses are not bad right?

This morning, my dear friend Karen Walrond and I had this little back and forth on Twitter. If you don't know who Sherpa Tenzing or Samwise Gamgee is, you need to get educated.


After I realized she was fine, my response was that this all sounded like what I call the Curse of the Creative.

I have this curse and I know many other people that do as well.

It is what keeps me getting involved in new projects and trying new things. Your mind doesn't ever really stop and even if you are kicked back in a total state of idling well, your brain is noodling on various projects, ideas and random thoughts that are always up there bouncing around.

When you get passionate about something, you jump at it without sometimes fully thinking it out. You doodle and fidget and even if all you have is a paperclip in front of you, it'll shortly be shaped into something new.

Everywhere you go and no matter what you are doing, you mind is going. When talking to people, you constantly are thinking of ways to help them and what might be a solution to their problem.

Random things catch your attention and you love sharing them with others. You consume as much as you create. You can never seem to create enough.

All of these fall into the curse of the creative for me. It is one curse that I hope never gets lifted because even though sometimes it can be a bit annoying not to shut down the brain, it is much more often a gift than anything else.