My TEDx Experience

I've always wanted to give a TEDx speech. Sure, I dream about some day being worthy to take the main TED stage, but for now that remains a dream.

For the past few weeks, I've been stressed about this talk. Being asked to present at a TEDx is not something to be taken lightly, and I was honored that I was flying across the pond to do it.

My topic was "How to Live an Amazing Life."

The theme for TEDxLaceMarket was on family & community and I needed to share my beliefs on why it is important that anyone with a family live the life that they choose in order to be as happy as possible.

At the core of the talk, I was pulling from my life and the pages of Amazing Things Will Happen to back up what I had to say.

I was the ninth and last speaker of the day and thankfully the audience was still engaged and attentive. They didn't seem shocked when I told them that once they chose their path that there was nothing but hard work ahead for them. I stressed the importance of giving back and never forgetting where you come from.

Thank you to the team behind the event for inviting me. I can't figure out why I rarely get asked to speak at events at home, but I do in England :)

This morning it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I'm instantly smiling more and certainly more calm than I have been in weeks. I know that the family will appreciate this when I return home tomorrow.

To everyone at the event, thank you for the wave of positive comments and hugs afterwards. The stories I heard and the questions I was asked confirmed that I chose to share the appropriate story with the crowd.

I can't wait until my next TEDx!