TEDx Inspiration From My Friends

This weekend I'll be taking the stage at TEDxLaceMarket in Nottingham, England.

These past few weeks have been a bundle of nerves and energy as I gear up for one of the most important speeches of my life. I've spent the days juggling the words I want to say and trying to put them together in the best possible order so that my story touches every single person who hears it.

I've also been preparing by watching lots of TEDtalks and today I want to share three that personal friends of mine have given recently. Each is on a very different topic, but each is inspirational in its own way.

First is this extremely personal and honest TEDxPeachtree talk from Amber Naslund which inspired me to write this post. Watching it this morning, it killed me to be so far away from her and not able to reach over and give her a gigantic hug. Her bravery to tell her personal story of mental illness shared a side of her that I didn't know much about.

Clarence Smith Jr. has some of the most unique thoughts on the world around him. His storytelling skills continue to amaze me and I was fortunate enough to be in the audience when he dropped his knowledge about barbershop knowledge as currency to the TEDxSomerville crowd.

Finally, one of my favorite red heads Erika Napoletano shared the power of unpopular at TEDxBoulder. It is an idea she first shared in her book. I firmly believe what she shares is dead on and more people need to embrace to live a happier life.

Even though you may not know these people like I do, I hope each of them inspires you in some way.


Photo Credit: Todd Van Hoosear