The Great 500 Book Keynote

Did you know that I have a new book coming out before the end of the year called Amazing Things Will Happen?

If you didn't, you do now and I've got a crazy idea that I'd like to run by you in the hopes that one of you likes it enough to make it happen.

I make part of my living as a professional speaker and know that I'm happiest when on stage in front of an energized crowd.

To help support the release of the book I'm looking for someone (an event, company or organization) to pre-order 500 copies of Amazing Things Will Happen.

In return for this I will:

  • Give an energizing speech at your 2013 event anywhere in the Continental United States.
  • Cover all of my own travel expenses to get there.
  • Sign all of the books (I'll even bring the markers!)
  • Help promote the event with a minimum of a blog post, video and plug in my email newsletter.
  • Anything else creative that we agree to

I'm offering this to the first entity that contacts me and completes the pre-order. Please note that I have special pricing for this offer through a specific vendor and the order must happen through them for this to be valid.

This is a first come, first served type of promotion and I reserve the right to pass on an event or company if it isn't appropriate to me in some way.

The conversation gets started with an email. I look forward to hearing from you!