When It Becomes Real

I find it rather comical that in today's world where I can create anything I want and sell it to the world, I still hold off on celebrating the launch of a new book until I find it in a traditional book store.

When I returned from first seeing Content Rules on the shelves, Laura handed me a bottle of The Macallan 25. This is not an inexpensive bottle of scotch and I've always celebrated major milestones buying a bottle of something special. She surprised me with a dream bottle that I never imagined I'd buy.

The bottle is in a safe place and I only drink from it to celebrate very special moments. I thought about buying something new, but honestly couldn't find anything that caught my attention. The only thing I even thought about was one of the Macallan Photography bottles, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere.

Last night when as a family we went to the bookstore and signed the two copies left in the store was certainly a moment to celebrate.

This morning as the house began to wake up, it hit me how funny this whole thing was. The second I hit publish on this post you can read it. If I take a photograph I can upload it to the world. Anytime I want to record my thoughts I can and seconds later anyone can watch or listen.

We use to be considered gate jumpers, but now the fence is so low most can step right over it.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but when it comes to books there is something still extremely magical about the shelves of a bookstore or library. When my thoughts and words are worthy enough to be put on those shelves it feels very rewarding and real.

I've got many more years of writing in me and I hope the magic of it all becoming real in a bookstore never goes away.