RamblesCC Chapman

Living a Well Rounded Life

RamblesCC Chapman
Living a Well Rounded Life

Recently, I learned about a new service called Postrgram that I used to make the image above from my Instagram photos.

This got me thinking about how important having a variety of life experiences is to having a well rounded and fulfilling life.

Too many people stay at their desk, never leave their home state and always go to the same restaurants every week. There is nothing wrong with having favorites because they bring comfort and joy. But, life is too short not to break out of your comfort zone and experience new things.

Looking back at this year I never thought I'd be on a TEDx stage or in the jungles of Africa. Those were not planned for or expected. Each of them added new threads to my life that were not there before.

Yesterday I was at the Ballet and a couple weeks ago at a NFL game. Two very different activities, but again adding to my well rounded life.

Looking at the mosaic of photos I can see images from around the word. Faces of strangers and loved ones. Each little memory adding up to making me the man I am.

The end of the year makes me reflective. It also makes me excited.

I have no idea what new experiences 2013 will hold for me, but I'm sure they are going to add to my life and make me happy.

Get out there and experience new things. Variety IS the spice of life and life is so much more fun when you know more about the world you live in.

Go get it.