When Did We Lose Our Manners?

When Did We Lose Our Manners?

20130205-104214.jpg This morning I stood outside the central parking garage at Boston Logan Airport.

The chill of six am New England was biting and several of us waited for the elevator ding on the 7th floor. Our crowd grew as it appeared the elevator wasn't fully awake either.

The doors opened and we began piling in. I paused and motioned for the two women to go first. The other men around me had decided they didn't need to let them go first. I was raised better than that.

Now, I've never laid my jacket on a mud puddle, but in today's world where you care more about the screen in front of you than the stimulation of the world around you, can't we all strive a little harder to help those around us.

When my quirky waitress brought me breakfast, I looked her in the eye when I thanked her. As I handed my boarding pass to a gruff TSA agent I said "Good morning." After laughing at the gate lice and entering my plane I gave our flight attendant a big smile and asked, "How is your morning going?"

Our fellow humans deserve respect, attention and manners. When did so many of you forget this?

Parents, instill this in your children through your own actions and never let them forget. Whenever I see a child not say please and thank you it makes me cringe. Every time my father would say to me, "what do you say?" It would drive me nuts as a child, but I'm a better man for it.

Lead by example. Make your parents proud. Never forget The Golden Rule.

Thank you.