When an Idea Clicks

snowytrees Yesterday, I spoke at the PR Advanced #FuelTheFuture Conference at Boston University.

Giving the opening keynote is always the best slot for me because I live to inspire an audience and as I joked on stage yesterday I "was their coffee."

What was amazing was that as I looked back on the event, I found myself as inspired as many of the attendees told me and I wanted to capture my thoughts in a new podcast.

I'm sorry if today's episode of Managing the Gray feels more self-promoting than it should be, because yesterday it clicked for me that the idea behind YSN and our Global Opportunity (GO) Marketplace is very needed.

I wanted to talk about how powerful of a feeling that is when an idea clicks by sharing this story with you. Hope you don't mind.

Also, I want to once again thank the team at PR Advanced for inviting me to the conference. I left impressed, invigorated and inspired!

[Behind the scenes note: I had a film crew from Lynda.com with me for the day and they wanted to film me recording a podcast. So if I sound a little distracted it might have been because there were two strangers moving around me in my office with cameras while filming this. It was fun though!]