The Power of Wondering and the Importance of Girls

The Power of Wondering and the Importance of Girls

emilyonlaptopThe most beautiful thing about the world we live in is that there is a never ending stream of amazing things happening around the globe. Technology allows us to experience them even if we are not there in person. Last week, I sat at my desk in Boston and listened to a powerful conversation between Melinda Gates and Hilary Clinton. To make it even more inspiring, it was moderated by Chelsea Clinton.

It was part of The Clinton Foundation's #NoCeiling initiative and the focus was on the importance of educating and inspiring girls.

As a father of a daughter, I was extremely interested to hear what they had to say and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them talk about the important role that dads play in the success of girls. Too often dads get left out of the parenting equation and it warmed my heart to hear them talk extensively about this.

The video archive is now online and you should watch/listen to it immediately. It is just under an hour and there really isn't a need to watch it, as much as just listening to what is said.

But, that isn't the only video I want you to watch today.

The second one comes from an organization that I'm proud to be on the Advisory Board for and that is the National Center for Families Learning.

They run the website Wonderopolis which I'm a big fan of and their newest promotion video pulls clear inspiration from the likes of Kid President to encourage kids, teachers and parents about the power of Wonder.

If these two videos do not inspire you, I don't know what will.