RamblesCC Chapman

Lots of Little Things Rambling On

RamblesCC Chapman
Lots of Little Things Rambling On

I've never been much of a baseball fan. Going to games is a lot of fun and when the air gets colder and the playoffs begin, I'll tune in if it gets interesting.

Last night watching the Cubs win was something special. Craziest game of playoff baseball I've ever seen.

What a great few hours to escape from everything else going on in the world!

This morning as I empty the coffee pot and ponder the hours ahead, Episode 2 of the Why I Write Podcast hit the feeds. I love this one because I got to catch up with my friend Jonathan Fields about his writing and latest book How to Live a Good Life.

Any time that work mixes with friends it is a good day.

Tonight I've got a Wediko Board Meeting. We've got a team running in the NYC Marathon this weekend if you have a few dollars to help kids battle mental illness, your donation would be appreciated.

On top of this, I have characters and words screaming in my head and a deep seeded urge to be outside.

Yesterday, my plan for some quality drone therapy was denied as the area was under a no fly restriction from the Air National Guard for some reason.

I need to get my Chroma back in the air after a freak fly away the last time I took her out. Need to make sure everything is ok.

As usual, a bunch of little things adding up to the world I live in.

Rambling on is me.