Think Before You Scream

Think Before You Scream

Nadia Screams For all the good that social media has brought to our tables, there is no question that it has also served us seven days in the sun bowls of potato salad as well.

Scroll through your network of choice on any day and you'll find a stew of anger, hate and outrage.

This morning I tweeted:

[quote]As we start a new week, try to remember that you don't need to be outraged by everything that you don't agree with.[/quote]

You can be annoyed with, upset at and disgusted by things without having to throw your own junk in to the wave of social angst that has become common.

Our children use to be taught the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, as a way for them to understand that they shouldn't freak out over every little thing or make up stories. That they must learn the difference between a tough situation and a true emergency.

Today, we need to teach a similar tale, but this time perhaps it needs to be The Person Who Screamed You Are Wrong Seven Days In A Row Yet Forgot What They Were Screaming About.

Every day things cross my path that upset me. Every day I see people saying things that make me shake my head, growl with disgust or sideline me for a few hours with anger.

The more diverse the audience you surround yourself with, the more diverse the opinions. The more things are going to upset you.

Form a fishbowl of only likeminded ideas and soon the water will go from clear to goo infested grossness.

With so many people publicly reacting to every little story it fuels more of that activity from others.

So, lets flip the coin and NOT publicly share our opinion and outrage du jour. If you are truly upset by something go nuts. But, we need to stop this twenty four hour cycle of anger and upset.

Pick the issues that matter to you. Focus on what really matters most. Share your opinions, but don't feel compelled to tell everyone why theirs is different (and thus wrong).

Think before you scream.

Everyone will appreciate it.

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