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I admit that I get Google Alerts whenever someone writes my name in a Blog. It's how I keep track of what is being said and who is saying it. But, today two posts came across that both brought huge smiles to my face after a not so fun trip to the accountant. I don't think anyone has ever "got me" quite as well as the first post. Maybe it's because I didn't realize it was a pseudo-interview until the end of it. I thought we were just having a conversation.

I should clarify that the accountant trip wasn't all that bad. In fact in my head I was imaginging much worse since there was so many unknowns this year. Best part is that I've got a much firmer understanding and feeling for next year and that was very important to me.

Big step in the right direction. That much I know for sure. But, I AM wiped from the whole experience.

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