The Month of Travel Begins

I've known for a long time that February was not going to be a fun month. Sure, I'm going to see some great people. Share some amazing meals. All around have some great times for damn sure. BUT, I'm going to be away from the family a bunch and that is what makes it suck.

They are all being cool about it but I know it won't be easy. Thankfully one of the weeks of travel is our vacation down to Nashville. I can't wait for that. I got offered a speaking gig while there and as hard as it was to pass up I did because it would have cut into the family time.

Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta. Should be an interesting week. If nothing else it'll be great to spend time in real life with some crayons. That is the best part of this month. Lots of face-to-face with the guys.

Just packed and now time for bed. The fun begins in a few hours.


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