While I'm in NYC

Technology is not loving me today. Don't know why. Might turn into a trend. That means my BlackBerry is my only mode of communications really for the moment so if you want to get ahold of me that is the way to do it. That means to either call me at 508-241-1062 (which has a high chance of me NOT answering) or better yet e-mail me at cc@crayonville.com as that buzzes my hip which is the best way to get me.

I will be going to Slate tonight. Not sure where I will be before and after. But, I'll be around.

PodCamp NYC (or any conference for that matter) is NOT about spending time alone in a hotel room. It's about meeting people, having conversations, drinks, socializing and all around good times. That's the best part and I can't wait.

I certainly don't want to have breakfast alone again. The Tick Tock Diner is damn tasty (great omelette), but more fun with a bunch of new media nutjobs! *grin*

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