American Idol, Beef, Beer & Cover Tunes

We have a habit around here that we don't start watching shows on time if they are being recorded by the DVR. That way we can let it record a bit and we can skip commercials. We usually catch up to the live by the end, but not always. So last night as Laura and I sat down to watch the American Idol final we were playing catch up. The show was over before we got to the end and because of the way the Comcast DVR works it stops exactly at the end of the hour. We literally saw the ending as "..and the next American Idol is Dav..." and then it ended. Thankfully the Internet gave us the answer we were looking for and this morning we got to watch the end of the show online.

We told the kids what happened this morning and they were mad as well, but they were also psyched about the results since the person they wanted won. So the world moves on.

Am I the only one that Memorial Day weekend snuck up on? I think it has to do with the fact that for as long as I can remember Laura's parents have had a huge Beef N Beer party on Memorial Day and they stopped doing that so now the weekend isn't as planned as it use to be. Still feels weird.

Listening to the Coverville preview of his concert he is doing at New Media Expo. What a great line up and I'm really proud of Brian. If you haven't seen it yet, read the article in the latest iProng magazine all about him, the show and the concert.

Wow, this post is a true old fashion brain slurpee of a post. I'm going to blame it to the fact that it has been a long week and Jonathan Coulton's cover of "We Will Rock You" which is cranking right now.

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