The Face of the Next President?

Originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

I was sitting at my desk working on some late night client stuff when I saw a Twitter reacting to the speech that Obama was giving. So I flipped on the TV in my office and sat, listened and took it all in.

Call it a speech or a sermon. Either way the man knows how to address a crowd and stoke the emotional energy. It is going to be a long hard road to fix all the problems we are facing right now. No one man or woman can fix it alone, but I'm looking forward to this one man to help lead and unite us over the next four years.

It is going to be a fun couple of months leading up to the elections. It is going to be fun to watch Obama and McCain debate. It is going to be fun to see more people pay attention and get involved in politics.

I'm looking forward to it all and am going to try and keep faith that all this energy can hopefully be shifted to help us all out. We certainly need it right now.

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