Kisses For All My Friends

One of my favorite things about owning my own company is that we get to work with great clients who are excited about leveraging social media in smart strategic ways. This week aerie by american eagle launched a Facebook application that would be playful, flirty and fun for their brand. We worked with them to brainstorm and then develop the aerie kissing booth. They already had a successful and growing Facebook group so this was a natural extension to that.

aerie kissing booth

I firmly believe that Facebook or any other social tool is not a silver bullet solution that works for every company. This is why at The Advance Guard we prefer to never focus on the technology but rather on the goals a client is looking to achieve. Perhaps it is just to build buzz or to raise awareness for a new product or service. Other times it'll be about getting new users to sign up for something or to expand the reach of a brand. Whatever the goal I like that we also make sure to stop and really think about what is appropriate for that particular situation and brand.

This is the first Facebook application that we've been directly involved in the development of and we've learned so much. It has been fun to wake up this week to a profile full of kisses.

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