Squirrel Invasion

As I look out my office window there appears to be one patch of grass exposed under a big tree in the front yard. It also appears that every squirrel in the neighborhood thought it would be a good idea to come over and check out that single patch of grass. If I was to let Roxie out right now she'd have a blast chasing them all. :) Last night's dinner plans for Dylan got a little sidetracked. The first place he wanted to go ended up being closed for some reason. As we walked into his second choice, Emily got sick. So he and I sat down and placed an order to go. He watched some videos on my phone and we both got hungry as people around us got served big plates of yummy food.

Emily ended up staying at home today. She is feeling fine, but complained about being a bit off and I didn't want to risk it. She is camped out under a blanket in the living room watching episodes of Hannah Montana. I don't feel so bad about keeping her home at this young of an age. She isn't going to miss out on much with one day of first grade.

This morning I finally got my act together and wrote another post for my blog on Entrepreneur.com. It is something I need and want to do more often. Felt good to get that out. I want to do it on a weekly basis at a minimum.

Time to focus on the day ahead. Nothing pressing at the moment, but always plenty to do.

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