Short Weeks

Laura and I have an erasable calendar on the fridge so that on Sundays we can lay out the upcoming week on it and make sure we are in sync with everything. It is a great way to keep the whole family on the same page and to avoid confusion of who is doing what that week. It'll be even crazier when swim lessons and brownies get added to it in a couple of weeks. This week is going to be a short one because tomorrow I'm speaking at the New Marketing Bootcamp and then Thursday and Friday I'll be on the road. Saturday the whole family is coming down to hang out and celebrate birthdays. Throw in some registrations, hair appointments, soccer practice and a soccer game and it is going to make for a week that is going to blur by.

Started off this morning by finding some music to play on Accident Hash and then reading Chris Brogan's personal branding eBook. Haven't even had coffee yet this morning and the kids haven't left for school yet and things feel good. It may be a short week, but it is going to be a productive one as well.

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