Reflections Towards the Future

This morning I had a meeting with one of our clients at the Harvard Club in Boston. What do you see in the ink blot?As usual, I arrived early and had a few minutes to just sit and think. I twittered about reflecting on how my life changed in those very halls, but 140 characters is not enough to fully share what I was thinking about.

But, as I sat there going through my e-mail it got me thinking about how several years ago my life changed while in that same building. Heck, I even sat on the same couch and had a conversation that sort of helped nudge it all down the path I'm on right now.

What happened was I attended a great Ad Club event. It was my first time attending anything in the marketing and advertising space. As I sat there listening to presentations and being amazed at the lack of knowledge by some people in the room I realized that I had to go into this field and help people and brands realize the potential and importance of the web in their campaigns.

After that conference I launched Managing the Gray and my whole career path would change. It had all lead up to me sitting again on that couch today with a new client of The Advance Guard. A company that back then on that day I didn't have any clue I'd be starting, but still today recognize those same thoughts and it is what makes me want to make this company of mine as successful as possible.

It just all goes to prove that you never know when meeting someone, attending an event or a simple conversation could have major implications on your life. That is what makes life for me personally. The unknown can be a lot of fun sometimes.

I'm excited more then ever about where it is all going.

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