Tax Day Kicked My Ass, But Let Us All Move On...

Yesterday was tax day in America and it got the best of me for a bunch of reasons. Combine that with meetings at strange times and other commitments and it made for what could be called a weird day at best. Sunny Day In WalthamI'm cranking Waltham right now and getting the day underway. I've got some writing to do and conversations to have. I much prefer to have a list of things to do then not,  so the focus is a good thing today.

Two pieces of new content for you if interested:

My rental lens from Pro Photo Rental arrived yesterday and I'm looking forward to playing with it this weekend. I rented a Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS mainly to try one out and to shoot Dylan's LAX game on Sunday. The weather is suppose to be awesome so perhaps I'll get out and play some more with it.

I'm also getting excited to head to Memphis next week to speak at a private workshop titled Mastering the New Modes.  There are still tickets available and it looks like a great crowd already so I'm excited to be part of it. If you are going, what are some things you'd love to know? I'm still fine tuning my presentation and would love to include an answer if you've got the question.

Ok, that 2 Do list is sitting here looking at me, so I better attack it.

Make it a great day.

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