Use Tools How They Work Best For YOU

With everyone talking about Google Plus combined with the fact that I don't yet have air conditioning in my office, I found myself in a bit of a mood to rant about the latest social craze and made this little video I called "Google Plus is a Hammer."

I'm loving Google+ and finding a TON of usefulness from it. I also think that businesses of all sizes should pay attention to it and there is a lot of cool experimentation that can be done right now since it IS the early days.

To all the other early adopters out there playing with it and checking it out, I hope my little bit of advice helps. Looking for some more detailed advice? I know there is a webinar from Chris Brogan to help with that and I'm sure there will be others as well.

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Through My Lens: Washington, D.C.

Through My Lens: Washington, D.C.