The Lost Generation?

I woke up this morning to find my name on the front page of the Boston Globe in an article title The Loss Generation.

March 8, 2009 Boston Globe Front Page

What bothers me is while the article got all the facts right, it feels to me as if it is an overly negative article. Just look at the sub-headline which in my mind is completely false. Yes, me and my roommates (and others our age) have all been through some rough times and are going through them right now along with everyone else, but all of us were very optimistic and up beat when we did the interviews. All four of us in the article are actually very hopeful.

I worked hard (and continue to do so). Lived within my means and Laura and I made some very tough, but appropriate decisions throughout our life together. None of this made it into the article. It felt like they were trying to showcase some bad decisions made, and I'm not going to speak for my roomies, but I will say that I don't regret any decision I've made in relation to the topics of this article.

Right now is a tough time for a lot of people and I had hoped that this article was going to showcase how different the paths the four of our lives have taken, but how we've all come to a point in our lives where we are happier then we've ever been. Sure, things are not as great as they could be right now, but we're also positive of where our lives are going.

I grew up with a humble upbringing and that has always kept me grounded to this day. Throughout the ups and downs I've always made sure to keep grounded. I've worked my tail off to provide for my family and none of it has come easy and I'm ok with that. I never thought any of it would come easy.

Maybe I'm reacting this way because I've been sick all weekend and am still not feeling quite right. We just need more optimism in the world right now and this article didn't give me what I had hoped for. Again, maybe I'm just a bit grumpy from being sick, but I'd be the last person to call myself or any of my friends in the article as "lost."

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